Revolutionizing the AgTech sector

Machines have never learned so quickly

Machine Learning

We develop intelligent algorhythms, that learn how your farm is and helps you to take valuable decisions to save you time, detect anomalies and increase productivity.

Receive the best yield from the technology

Multiple Data Sources FIWARE

We work with various data sources, increasing the precision of our tools, including open data (Copernicus), sensors, cameras, drones and livestock management systems.

Great experience manufacturing sensors and IoT devices

We are manufacturers

Digitanimal desings, develops and manufacture in Spain innovative sensors and IoT devices for any type of livestock farms whether it is small or if your animals are far from you grazing up in the mountains.

We fully develop our devices attending to the needs of farmers. Thanks to the Internet of Things, we are able to offer low-cost solutions that allow farmers to verify the benefits of Digitanimal with just 1 device, without the need for anything else.


The best way to manage all your information

Tailor-made management software, APPs and interfaces

We design interfaces with the most advanced technologies to improve the user experience. Multiple users, types of access, from any device, all your changes saved and synchronised.

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