We are here to help people

We are here to help people

Core Values

There are a lot of ways to obtain incomes, as a technological and science based company we must be concious about the consecuences of our actions, meditating it and focus on innovations that are benefial for as many persons as possible and nature.

We are committed to:

Help Farmers

Helping breeders and fatteners to improve their profitability and quality of life.

Animal Welfare

Improving animal welfare and generation of healthier products.


Improving traceability and quality of the food available to consumers.

Mitigate climate change

Mitigate climate change by providing tools and rewards to the farmers.

Helping to transform the livestock sector

To this end, our goal is …

Contributing to the revolution of the livestock sector at a global level is a very ambitious challenge, it requires a lot of effort and investment, and that will only be possible if we continue to maintain the spirit with which this adventure began and we are able to keep it and transmit it to the people who around us.

As humans we are all full of defects, however is our responsability to promote personal development in order to learn from our mistakes  and act in an appropiated way in the future.

Facilitate teleworking and use of public transport, reducing as much as possible the carbon footprint of the company.
Empower employees to be distruptive, innovative, creative, and to achieve excelence.
Recognizing and rewarding success of the company to the employees's performance.
Create an inspiring and work environment where everyone feels connected to one another collaborates well across functions, and has opportunities to learn and grow.
Empower employees to be innovative, creative, and to set and achieve big goals.
Applying transparency, integrity, honesty, and respect in all the relationships around our activity: employees, farmers, partners, public entities, distributors and consumers.