Transforming farms through Digitalization

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Companies should create more advanced and personalised solutions which help on one hand improve customer loyalty, as well as reach new customers.


Consumers demand products guaranteeing traceability, animal well-being and sustainability of agricultural activity.


Digitalization is going to allow us to have better knowledge on the entire proccess from the farm to the table. Sell and build more loyalty.

What do we do?

Agriculture’s digital transformation

Revolutionise your industry adapting yourself to the digital transformation.


Do you want to get better results? With our systems you will be able to improve your business’ profitability.


It is necessary to directly connect to farmers and buyers to rationalise the food supply chain.


Digitanimal continuously works on the development of new solutions.


We also support other entrepreneurs with the solution adaptation for his country or region.

From farmers to farmers

Our Origins

Digitanimal begin in our farm, because the best lab for testing innovative techniques is the farm itself. We are extending this concept to other innovative farmers, because they are the best testers and adopters.

Through Digitanimal Reseach Partners we are building a Network of Digitanimal LABs, accelerating the digital transformation and generation of useful products and servicies that will transform farms making them more productive, and environmentaly sustainable.

Digitizing the sector worldwide

Presence in +50 countries

From the beginning in 2016, digitanimal started to grow by the hand of its farmers, and nowadays it is present in more than 50 countries all around the world, where we guarantee the farmer’s calmness, and above all we help to optimize farming by means of digital transformation.

At digitanimal we are continuously looking for partners to collaborate with in order to encourage digitalization of agriculture all around the world. Do you want to join the digital transformation?

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