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We are increasingly used to receiving a greater amount of information as users of digital tools, so consumers are increasingly going to demand a similar service in other environments and reward experiences with personalized treatment.

Digitization will allow greater knowledge of the entire process from farm to fork, crossing data from each and every phase of the chain, which together with those that will be generated from now on, can substantially enrich the profiles of each of the actors involved.

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This can allow all the companies directly and indirectly involved to create more advanced and personalized solutions that help both retain customer and current customers and attract new ones.

Handling large amounts of data and understanding how to use it is challenging. Digitanimal supports companies to extract value from the data, generating specific recommendations that improve the KPI’s.

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Types of companies and benefits

  • Build loyalty with farmers
  • Empower farmers to improve grazing management
  • Create new trademarks

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  • Provide veterinarians with historical data
  • Reduce use of antibiotics
  • Remote monitoring of animal evolution
  • Tailor-made early alerts and preventive treatments

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  • Organise client orders
  • Analyse diet changes
  • Analyse effects of new formulations

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  • Evaluation of mating rate
  • Suckler cow calving analysis
  • Identification of individuals with high conversion rates

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  • Personalise policies
  • Risks reduction
  • Build trust with clients

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  • Generation and earning customer loyalty
  • Tailor-made Renting & Leasing

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