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We are looking for distributors and agents in several countries


From digitanimal we are looking for distributors and agents around the world to achieve our goal, to help as many ranchers as possible to optimize their exploitation.

What will we provide you?

  1. The web / online store for your country
  2. Digital marketing structure
  3. Local promotions to close sales
  4. Current clients lists

Do we know each other better?

Step 1

It will help us learn more about you and your business, so that we can assess the potential success of a business relationship between our two companies. Please fill out the following questionnaire in as much detail as possible. Use additional pages if necessary.

Please, if available, provide a catalog of any product that you distribute.

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    How did you know digitanimal?

    Products and brands represented and experience in the sector:

    Number and type of clients

    Why are you interested in distributing Digitanimal?

    Have you distributed competing Digitanimal products? what products?