Digitanimal Research Program

Transforming farming by means of Digitalization

Transforming farms around the world

Do you join the program?

Digitanimal started at our farm, because the best laboratory to try out innovate techniques is the very farm. We are expanding this concept to other innovative farmers, because they are the best testers and adopters.

By means of DIGITANIMAL RESEARCH PARTNERS we are building a DIGITANIMAL LABs network all over the world, with the objective of accelerating the digitanimal transformation, the product and useful services generations that will transform farms making them more productive and environmentally sustainable, but at the same time adapting them to the needs and peculiarities of each rea.

Investigation as a driving force for development

We collaborate with the best Partners

Within the DIGITANIMAL RESEARCH PROGRAMME we work with the most relevant Universities and Investigation Centres, in many cases within the frame of various proyects financed by the European Commission.

Transforming farms around the world

How do we work?

Evaluating different types of connectivity, sensors, wearables, meteorological stations, ground sensors, types of drones, cameras etc.

Supporting regenerative and grazing agriculture technique specialists.

Monitoring wild fauna and animals such as the wolf, and studying the interaction with farming.

Supporting other entrepreneurs with the adoptation to solutions for their country or region.

Do you want to contribute to transforming the sector?

I want to join the program

If you are a rancher, research center, entrepreneur or company, and you are interested in participating in Digitanimal Research Partners, or if you are a technology partner interested in collaborating with Digitanimal, fill out the form.

We will be happy to work with you!